Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 6/34

Well, I have decided to go 34 because I had some butter on Day 4. I am at peace with the decision, it is just rolling with the punches.

I am sleeping like a log. I haven't really had any horrible times with food, I just breathe through any major cravings or have something paleo.

I am starting to experience emotions very high at the moment. Some situations are arising that are bringing things up for me. I guess this is what I wanted. It would have been nice if the universe had let things be calm for just a bit while I got the hang of this eating.

Yesterday, I ate my way through the day. I can't even catalog it, but it was all whole 30 approved, even if the portions weren't. I didn't have a food hangover today, so I appreciate that factor. I also feel less bloated and sleep like a rock.

Today, I had 4 egg muffins. I am not hungry at all now, so I don't want to force myself to eat, since this is a rare occasion (not being hungry).

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