Monday, January 4, 2010

Start at the Beginning

So I did it. I set it up. I named it. And here it is. The beginning. The beginning of a new decade. The beginning of my first blog. The beginning of the layout.

I am still unsure what I will write about. But since I talk A LOT according to my husband and mother, I am sure I can find something. I have been thinking about it. What I can write abut and what I don't want to. I most definitely do not want to write about work, I think about it too much as it is. However, I may talk about ideas that are spurned from my work life. High minded questions, not just griping. i am determined this will not be the drivelings of malcontent. I want to combobulate my thoughts. I've had years of negativity and malcontent. I know I can do better than that!

I've thought about writing about what my husband cooks for me (he is such a good cook!), but how would that relate to putting it together for myself. I think poetry is off the table at the moment, since I don't really write poetry.

I think my first assignment is going to be a time line of the milestones of my life. Disney talks about the "power of storytelling" and has its own time line of the company. I think all too often we forget the breadth of our own stories. We don't realize the true essence of all that we have done and its cumulative effect on our mind. I think I forget that I have lived fully. I think I forget my own story. Maybe that will be the true purpose of this blog. To unravel the power of my own story for myself. Maybe even for others.